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Visa for Macao SAR of China
2019-01-07 16:28

1. For Bruneian citizens and permanent residents or foreigners who do not enjoy visa exemption privilege, visa is available at the international airport or ports of Macao (visa on arrival).

2. Citizens of the following 64 countries which enjoy visa exemption privilege:

Andorra Indonesia Norway Australia Ireland Philippines Austria Israel Poland Belgium Italy Portugal Brazil Japan Romania Canada Kiribati Samoa

Chile (Republic of) Latvia (Republic of) Seychelles Croatia (Republic of) Lebanon Singapore Cyprus Liechtenstein Slovak Republic Czech Lithuania Slovenia

Denmark Luxembourg South Africa Egypt Malaysia South Korea Estonia Mali (Republic of) Spain Finland Malta (Republic of) Sweden France Mexico Switzerland

Germany Monaco Tanzania Greece Mongolia Thailand Hungary Namibia Turkey Iceland Netherlands United Kingdom India New Zealand Uruguay

Cabo Verde (Republic of) Bulgaria (Republic of) U.S.A.  Commonwealth of Dominica


For detail of Visa for Macao SAR of China, please visit the following website:



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