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Qin Gang: The Global Security Initiative Concept Paper Demonstrates China's Firm Resolve to Defend Global Security
2023-02-21 15:45

On February 21, 2023, Foreign Minister Qin Gang attended the opening ceremony of the Lanting Forum themed "The Global Security Initiative: China's Proposal for Solving Security Challenges", and delivered a keynote speech.

Qin Gang pointed out that the Global Security Initiative (GSI) Concept Paper officially released by China expounds the core ideas and principles of the GSI, identifies the priorities, platforms and mechanisms of cooperation, and demonstrates China's sense of responsibility for safeguarding world peace and firm resolve to defend global security. The Concept Paper lays out 20 priorities of cooperation, all highly action-oriented, and they could be summarized as follows: upholding the UN’s central role in security governance; promoting coordination and sound interactions among major countries; facilitating peaceful settlement of hotspot issues through dialogue; tackling traditional and non-traditional security challenges; and strengthening the system and capacity for global security governance.

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